Veterinary Embryology

Veterinary Embryology
Utgivelsesar: 2017
Antall sider: 400
Forlag: John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN/EAN: 9781118940617
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: Naturvitenskap
Forfatter: T. A. McGeady, E. S. FitzPatrickog D. Kilroy

Veterinary Embryology, 2nd Edition, has been updated to reflect the many changes that have developed in the field the text has been fully revised and expanded and is now in full colour and many pedagogical features and a companion website have been developed. * A new edition of this highly successful student textbook, updated to reflect the latest developments in the field of embryology, with the inclusion of four new chapters * Written by a team of authors with extensive experience of teaching this subject * Short concise chapters on key topics describe complex concepts in a user-friendly way * Additional tables, flow diagrams and numerous hand-drawn illustrations support the concepts presented in the text

Veterinary Embryology. E.

S. FitzPatrick, T. A. McGeady, P. J. Quinn og M. T. Ryan. Heftet. 2006. Legg i ønskeliste. Bøker. Skjønnlitteratur; Dokumentar og fakta. Veterinary Embryology. E. S. FitzPatrick, D. Kilroy og T. A. McGeady. Heftet. 2017. Legg i ønskeliste. Bøker. Skjønnlitteratur; Dokumentar og fakta; Hobby og. Veterinary Embryology (Heftet (myke permer) - 2017 - Engelsk) av D. Kilroy - E. S. FitzPatrick - T. A. McGeady. Nettpris: 710,-Nettpris: 1.405,- Veterinary Embryology: fra. 250,- E. S. FitzPatrick, P. J. Quinn, T. A. McGeady, m.fl. Textbook of Veterinary Histology: fra.

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