Study Skills for Linguistics

Study Skills for Linguistics
Utgivelsesar: 2015
Antall sider: 180
Serie: Understanding Language
Forlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
ISBN/EAN: 9780415720465
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: Fagbøker
Forfatter: Jeanette Sakel

Study Skills for Linguistics is the essential companion for students embarking on a degree in linguistics. Covering all the core skills that students of linguistics will require during the early part of their degree, this book gives the reader a basic understanding of the field, as well as confidence in how to find out more and how to prepare for their future career. The key features covered include: * subject-specific skills including basic linguistic tools and terminology, such as word classes and grammatical terminology * essential study skills, such as how to perform well in the degree, how to search for and reference literature and how to write an essay * guides for a future with a linguistics degree, including how to write a CV and prepare for a range of graduate destinations. An accessible guide to essential skills in the field of linguistics, Study Skills for Linguistics is a must-read for students contemplating studying this topic, and provides a guide that will take them through their degree and beyond.

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