The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Greatest Story Ever Told
Utgivelsesar: 2016
Antall sider: 256
Forlag: Little, Brown & Company
ISBN/EAN: 9781455569588
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: E-bøker
Forfatter: John C. Maxwell

In 1976, John Maxwell received a gift from his assistant at that time, Eileen. He unwrapped it to find a book titled: The Greatest Story Ever Told. He was eager to read it, but when he opened it, the pages were blank. Inside was a note from Eileen that said, "John, your life is before you. Fill these pages with kind acts, good thoughts and matters of your heart. Write a great story with your life." For the first time it made him think about how he was the author of his life, and could fill every "page" with whatever he wanted. It made him want to be significant. It inspired him to do whatever he could to make his life matter.

Today Maxwell is recognized as the #1 authority on leadership, his books have sold 26 million copies in 50 languages, and his companies have trained 5 million people to be leaders in 180 countries. He wants to give the gift that had such impact on him thirty years ago to others. And so the pages of THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD are empty, their lines waiting to be filled with the stories of a new generation.

King Alice Arthur feels like Kay's slave. He's constantly pushed around.

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